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For more than 35 years, Whitey Bluestein has worked as a senior executive in corporate development and strategy in both established companies and start-up environments. For the last 17 years, through his firm, Bluestein & Associates, he has focused his creative and strategic thinking in wireless connectivity, mobile operator, carrier relationship, IOT, instant communications, applications, marketing and distribution, helping companies refine strategy, win deals and accelerate growth domestically and internationally.

As a strategic advisor and dealmaker, Bluestein has managed complex business relationships and negotiated joint ventures in the US, Europe, Asia and Canada. A former attorney, he has negotiated deals and managed strategic alliances with AT&T, Disney, Verizon, Microsoft, Best Buy, Qualcomm, American Express, Intel, T-Mobile, Kaiser Permanente, British Telecom, Orange and other noteworthy companies. One industry veteran observed that, "Whitey Bluestein has negotiated more wireless deals in his career than anyone in the US."

Young technology companies seek Bluestein’s expertise in refining their product, business and market entry strategy, developing strategic relationships, and winning their first big deal. Established companies enlist Bluestein’s help thinking through strategy, developing new initiatives, working with mobile operators, and navigating the mobile ecosystem. In addition to his strategic advisory business, executives, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, analysts and counsel seek his opinions and business perspectives for due diligence and as an expert witness. All of Bluestein’s business is through referrals based on his experience, reputation and extensive network of industry contacts.

Recent engagements include wearables and connected devices, mobile applications and services, M2M. network calling solutions, wholesale services and spectrum strategies. Recent clients include Google, Disney, Orion Labs, AT&T, Ting, Payfone, Nextivity and several others. Bluestein has appeared on CNBC Fast Money and written for GigaOM and ConnectedPlanet (formerly Telephony magazine), among other publications. Bluestein was named by AlwaysOn as a 2013 Mobile Power Player. He was a Judge for the 2013, 2014, 2015. 2016 and 2017 International MVNO Awards, and the 2014 and 2015 Verizon Powerful Answers Award in the Sustainability category.

Before establishing his advisory firm 17 years ago, Bluestein was a senior corporate development executive reporting to CEOs and Presidents in several well-known, fast-growing companies. He sat at the table and participated when important company decisions, strategies and deals were made (as well as managing crises.) Having "been there," he brings a wealth of knowledge and senior executive experience to his clients, and understands their needs and the world in which they operate. Bluestein is both a strategic thinker and someone who knows how to craft a deal, taking a pragmatic approach that answers the question, "How do we get this deal done?"


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