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Whitey Bluestein spent several years in Clean Tech early in his career, long before it came in vogue. He brings a unique blend of skills, experience and perspective to the clean tech realm, with a rich background in electric utilities, energy, biomass and renewable fuels. Few have the range of perspectives, as strategist, dealmaker, enforcer, analyst, intervener, policy maker and lobbyist. In recognition of his expertise, Bluestein was named a Judge in the Sustainability category for the 2014 Verizon Powerful Answers Award.

As head of market development in biomass and renewable fuels at the US Department of Energy (DoE), Bluestein was hand-picked by the Secretary of Energy to prepare an analysis of synthetic fuel price guarantees. His report was submitted to Congress by the Energy Secretary. Bluestein wrote Congressional testimony on biomass and renewable fuels for the Energy Secretary and key Assistant Secretaries, coordinating these important energy policy positions through the White House and Office of Management and Budget.

Bluestein testified before Congress on renewable fuels and worked with the US Trade Representative on trade policy regarding importation of foreign synthetic fuels. He also drafted, and coordinated approval and signing of a Presidential Executive Order requiring use of ethanol blends in Federal vehicles. Bluestein participated in reviewing applications for biomass and synthetic fuel producers seeking Federal loan guarantees, as well as the DoE small grants program for new energy technologies.

As a regulator, Bluestein headed the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s Electric Power Enforcement program. In this role, he conducted investigations involving major utilities, holding companies and power producers, as well as having a seat at the table on Federal public utilities policies and power planning.

As counsel, Bluestein represented consumers intervening in state utility rate cases involving electric utility fuel purchasing practices and ratemaking practices of a regional gas company. He appeared as counsel, expert witness or company representative before state utility commissions in California, New York, Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Colorado and Minnesota. Earlier in his career, as head of a state energy and environmental watchdog group, he intervened in utility commission proceedings and lobbied on a variety of energy policy and planning bills, winning passage of a state bill governing location of electric power generating facilities.

In addition to his B.S. in Business (marketing and economics) from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University and Juris Doctor with Honors from George Washington University Law School, he completed the prestigious Advanced Regulatory Studies Program at Michigan State University’s Institute of Public Utilities (run by the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners, or NARUC). The advanced regulatory program is limited to state and federal utility commissioners and senior commission staffers.

While his more recent work has been in the communications field, Bluestein has remained involved and committed to clean energy and the environment through Board membership on non-profit groups focusing on renewable and clean energy, including Bluewater Network and Friends of the Earth.


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