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Strategic Advisor and Deal Maker - Whitey Bluestein has more than 35 years of successful and high-level experience completing smart deals for clients and his companies. Over his career, he has negotiated and managed four deals valued at more than one billion dollars each. He has negotiated deals with leading companies, including AT&T, Disney, Verizon, Microsoft, Best Buy, Qualcomm, American Express, Intel, T-Mobile, Kaiser Permanente, British Telecom and Orange, among others. Bluestein knows the fine points of negotiation and can help you put together the deal that makes your company successful. He has negotiated more than 100 mobile deals over his career involving wireless services, IoT, applications, distribution and spectrum.

Growth Strategy - Bluestein's experience launching new services, businesses and ventures combined with his negotiation expertise provides clients with a unique strategic resource. For nearly 20 years, he was a senior executive reporting to CEOs and Presidents in several well-known, fast-growing companies. With this real world experience, he can put himself in your shoes, and understand your needs and the environment in which you operate. Do you need to think through your strategy, develop or refine your product, identify likely prospects or partners, or lay out a go-to-market strategy? Over the years, he helped bring to market a range of wireless services, IoT/M2M connected devices, the first MVNO (25 years ago), new wireless services, as well as shared service providers, wholesale broadband companies, Internet service providers, a rural broadband company and many others.

Due Diligence and Industry Expert - Bluestein has written and reviewed scores of business plans for early-stage and established technology and services companies, as well as several international ventures. He has conducted due diligence on scores of wireless companies on behalf of investors and leading venture capital firms/funds in the U.S. and Canada, acted as wireless industry specialist for a leading Silicon Valley venture capital firm, and appeared several times as an expert witness on wireless industry matters. He was a GigaOM Research Mobile Industry Expert, has appeared several times as mobile industry expert on CNBC, and was named a 2013 Mobile Power Player by AlwaysOn. Bluestein’s deep business and industry experience brings perspective and insight into the process.

Vendor Selection and Negotiations - A former attorney and a skilled negotiator who has sat on each side of the table representing service providers and customers, Bluestein brings a wealth of experience and perspective into every situation. He has negotiated wireless service deals involving voice, data and IoT (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and several regional operators), fixed (Verizon, SBC, PacBell, Ameritech, Bell Atlantic, GTE, and several independent telephone companies) and cable services. In fact, a telecom industry veteran said Bluestein has negotiated more wireless deals in his career than anyone in the U.S. He has obtained new services for clients and companies, including the industry's first number portability and collocation, negotiated wholesale service agreements, and created partnerships with incumbent service providers not accustomed to partnering. His experience is not limited to telecoms. He has worked and produced results for clients in the entertainment, retail, clean tech and healthcare fields as well.

International Development - Bluestein has managed complex global alliances for leading telecoms companies, and negotiated and managed successful joint ventures in Europe. Asia and Canada. He has helped U.S. companies map out a UK/Europe market entry strategy, and has also helped UK, European and Asia-Pacific companies develop strategies to enter the U.S. and other markets, and is currently working with clients on four continents. He understands the nuances of language, culture and international deal making. The process starts by talking with leading prospects, picking the right partner with whom you share a common vision, building trust, a relationship and developing a business construct that makes sense, then negotiating terms that work for both sides. His extensive experience can produce results for you.

Board and Advisory Services - Bluestein has sat on the Boards of Directors of U.S. AirWaves (wireless spectrum), VersaPoint (Pan European broadband) and NorthPoint-Canada (broadband), among other for-profit companies, and as an Advisor to Orion and and Prove (formerly Payfone). He is currently a strategic advisor to several mobile companies. He also served on the Board of Directors of Friends of the Earth and Center for Mind-Body Medicine, and is a former board member of Bluewater Network and San Francisco Renaissance (now Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center).


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