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Crafting winning deals and cultivating long-term business relationships starts with an innovative product, service, technology or concept. But success takes more than a great idea; it requires the right approach, creative strategies, the ability to navigate big companies identifying the real decisionmakers, forging key relationships with the right partners, and the application of sound business principles. In short, it takes skill, experience and creativity. Whitey Bluestein has helped many young companies win their first big deal, and he can help you grow your business based on these core principles:

  • Think big, or stay small
    (“Go big or go home.”)
  • Go high
    (“Research and understand your customerís organization, then get to senior people who can make decisions and get things done.”)
  • Know what you want and take the lead
    (“Establish objectives and set the agenda on your terms†for all key interaction.”)
  • Put yourself in their shoes to understand their perspective and needs,†then show creativity and flexibility in meeting them
    (“When customers believe you understand their needs and will bend†to meet those needs without compromising yours, trust and new business will follow.”)
  • Find the line on every key issue
    (“If they donít push back, you may be leaving something on the table.”)
  • Never be afraid to walk away from a bad deal
    (“If you cannot afford to walk, you cannot afford to be in the room.”)
  • Build long-term business relationships
    (“Your first sale is only the beginning.”)
  • A healthy sense of paranoia is critical to success
    (“Markets, economics and circumstances change; always have a plan for the worst and work every day to beat the competition.”)
  • There is no substitute for experience when you need to get a deal done
    (“When you journey into uncharted waters, you better have an experienced navigator.”)
  • Three qualities define a successful manager, team or company Ė Urgency, Management and Accountability
    (“A high UMA quotient always spells success”)
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