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In each field Whitey Bluestein has operated -- wireless, telecoms, entertainment, retail, multimedia, international, energy and healthcare -- his vision and skills have produced success. Bluestein brings integrity, drive, creative strategies, relentless pursuit and dogged persistence to his efforts. Over his career, he has been lead negotiator for five deals valued at more than one billion dollars each. Here are a few examples of his successes:

  • Led settlement discussions, then put cellular telephone franchises together on a shoestring that, when later sold, accounted for $4 billion of a larger transaction.
  • Crafted strategic distribution deals and helped raise a $94 million strategic round from leading companies like Microsoft, RadioShack, Cable & Wireless, Global Crossing and others that helped his company go public with, at the time, the highest valuation -- more than $6 billion -- of any Internet company or competitive phone company in history.
  • Told a client he would negotiate and close two strategic deals, one with a Tier 1 mobile operator and the other with a cloud communication platform leader, in 30 days, and then delivered.
  • Obtained first-of-a-kind services, including the telecom industry's first number portability, that helped his company double its growth, and get named the fastest growing service company in the U.S. by Inc. Magazine.
  • Negotiated a comprehensive M2M service agreement with greatly reduced connectivity costs, increased reliability and a stronger long-term relationship to facilitate growth and profitable revenue for a new client, all in six weeks..
  • Developed the underlying wireless virtual network strategy, managed network design and then negotiated cellular service contracts with leading network operators that enabled the first MVNO in 1996, long before the next MVNO launched in the U.S., creating a new category of service provider.
  • Introduced a mobile payment company to several U.S. operators, leading to an investment in the company by, and a strategic deal with, a leading mobile operator and a commercial deal with another.
  • Persuaded a major U.S. mobile operator to eliminate a calling feature charge critical to his client's success, which immediately resulted in dramatic increase of subscribers, and enabled a new relationship with an important national retailer.
  • When it looked like an important prospect was going to strike a deal with a competitor, stepped in, outmaneuvered the competitor, and won a national distribution contract with the leading consumer electronics retailer, completing the deal in less than two weeks!
  • Landed a new mobile app company in the healthcare field its first contract, with the largest HMO in the U.S., in less than 60 days!


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