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“Whitey is one of the best deal guys on the planet. He has the perfect touch in negotiations and a winning sense for what makes the other guy tick. I've never seen someone do seven careful, great deals in four months, except for Whitey. He made a huge difference in the success of the NorthPoint IPO.”
Greg Taxin, Managing Member, Spotlight Advisors, LLC

“Whitey's domain expertise is nothing short of impressive. He is an innovative go-getter whose skill, wit and charm has unsurprisingly led him great success. Above all, he goes out of his way to help where he is needed, a remarkable attribute existing in few today.”
Reed Hundt, former Chairman,
Federal Communications Commission

“If you want to study something, hire a consultant. If you need to get something done, call Whitey.”
Scott Allan, Founder and former Director, Ting

“Whitey is a unique and immensely powerful ally, strategist, and deal maker. He has an immediate and profound impact on the companies he works with by defining, leading, accelerating, and closing company-making deals.”
Jesse Robbins, Executive Chairman and Founder, Orion Labs

“Whitey understands the complex world of telecoms and what it takes to get deals done. He is creative, has high integrity and works very hard. If you need access to mobile operators and want to prioritize your time and money, Whitey is a great resource.”
Roger Desai, CEO/Co-Founder, Prove (formerly Payfone)

“Whitey has an encyclopedic knowledge of the wireless business and a Rolodex to match. But what I most appreciate about Whitey is his ability to see the business implications of new technologies, and who the winners and the losers might be.”
Jason Devitt, CEO and Co-Founder, Compound Eye

“Whitey has a great combination of strategic thinking and business acumen. He and I worked together on managing a large joint venture. Most recently, Whitey helped broker and negotiate deals between one of his clients and our company. Whitey is honest, straight forward and creative in reaching a reasonable solution for all concerned.”
Wayne Rehberger, CFO, TASC

“Whitey's unique intellect and ability to pull all pieces of a deal together in brief order is inspiring. With Whitey you learn to see the immediate and long-term value of deal making. Whitey’s enthusiasm and high integrity is contagious.
Oliver Davis, CEO and Founder, simuwatt

“There is not a better connected person in wireless (or maybe all of telecom). His network helped open doors that otherwise would have stayed shut. Whitey brought a deep background, a sharp industry perspective and insightful vision to the negotiating table on every deal. He knows how to get deals done.
Rob Gray, Founding Team, Virgin Mobile USA

“Whitey’s clarity of vision, depth of knowledge and ability to creatively drive deals truly impresses. Whitey is very effective at leveraging his connections to industry leaders and notables when engaged to identify strategic initiatives and develop new business opportunities. I’ve seen the partnerships that result yield significant value while delivering key expansion opportunities. To boot, he’s a lot of fun to work with… which might further explain why so many people are eager to work with him.”
Gary Hagmueller, President and CEO, CLARA Analytics

“Whitey has a unique ability to simplify complex transactions or partnership discussions. He does a great job of cutting through all the clutter and getting a group to focus on key objectives and deal points. He is a fantastic people person and someone who time after time has proven his ability to generate results and drive progress in very complex environments.”
Jeff Thompson, President, Co-Founder and Managing Partner Aventi Group LLC

“Whitey's telecom industry pedigree -- landline, wireless, content, international -- goes all the way back to MCI, remains unsurpassed. He is a creative, strategic deal-maker who has been at the forefront of new business models in the telecom and IT spaces for more than two decades. I would recommend Whitey without reservation to any C-level executive interested in high value-added consulting on his or her most pressing corporate strategy issues and deals.”
Glenn Manishin, ParadigmShift Law LLP

“The trouble with you, Bluestein, is that you don't take 'no' for an answer.”
Jim Doyle, former Product Manager, New England Telephone


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